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Elevate Wearable Breast Pump

Elevate Wearable Breast Pump

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A Handsfree Wearable Breast Pump that is discreet, powerful & pretty!

The most slim-line, quiet and power fueled breast pump bringing wearable and discreet to the next level.

Wear it at work, at mummy and me fitness classes, shopping or doing the school drop off. With this next generation wearable breast pump, you can comfortably and confidently head to wherever your busy life takes you.

The easy to use design makes the Elevate perfect for the mum that is constantly on the go. Say goodbye to awkward breast pumps, hanging bottles, wires and dangling, trailing tubes.

The Elevate wearable breast pump will go with you anywhere and everywhere! 

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Lightweight & Discreet

Weighing just 205 grams the Elevate is lightweight and super slim. It's design makes it compact to wear anywhere and everywhere!

Easy to use

With only five parts to clean the Elevate brings easy to use to the next level. No more wasted hours trying to get milk out of those annoying tubes, the Elevate breast pump has none!

Hospital Grade Performance

With suction levels up to 320mmHg the Elevate breast pump is definitely not short of power. 2 modes: massage and expression with 5 customisable intensity levels.

Comfort & Capacity

The Elevate uses 3D soft silicone shields which allows it to mould around your breast making it super comfortable to wear for pumping sessions. 17mm and 19mm inserts are also included to optimise efficiency and output.

The collection cup holds 150mL of milk and is made of tritan plastic making it durable and reusable.

Dimensions: H120mm, W110mm, D69mm

  • Handsfree Wearable Breast Pump
  • lightweight Wearable Breast Pumps
  • Easy to clean breast pumps
  • Hospital grade suction breast pumps
  • Safe and efficient wearable breast pumps
  • Women run business breast pumps
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