Collection: Wearable Breast Pumps

Experience freedom, comfort, and confidence with Tyhan Wearable Handsfree Breast Pumps, a breakthrough in portable breast pumping. Our electric breast pumps are designed to be lightweight, discreet, and cordless, offering unparalleled efficiency.


What are the benefits of using a wearable breast pump?

Hands free breast pumps are quickly becoming one of the most popular breastfeeding products, thanks to their unmatched simplicity and comfort they offer nursing mums. Here are some of the main benefits:

Hands-Free Convenience: Allows mums to multitask and move around freely while breast pumping.

Discreet and Portable: The wearable design fits comfortably in your bra and offers flexibility for mums to pump easily wherever they go. They also weigh much less than most traditional breast pumps making them easier to wear and transport.

Easy to clean: The Tyhan wearable breast pumps have just 5 parts to clean and none of which are little tubes that take hours!


Do I need to purchase a breast pump before my baby is born?

Purchasing a breast pump before baby is born definitely isn't a prerequisite but some mums will say that having bought their breast pump before giving birth was one of the best decisions they've made. Here's some of the reasons why:

Latching Difficulties: Babies may sometimes have trouble latching onto your breast, this may be due to a medical reason (e.g. cleft-lip or tongue tie), having a breast pump on hand allows you to pump milk so baby can still get the nutrition they need.

Breastfeeding may be painful: The plan to breastfeed may not always go accordingly, especially in the first few days. Some mums can find breastfeeding to be extremely painful and exhausting and choose to exclusively pump to feed instead. This is where having a breast pump ready to go is great.

Over supply: In the early weeks of breastfeeding, some mums may make more milk than their babies need or can easily cope with. Your breasts may become tight and engorged. Having a pump to express in between feeds can be pain saving!

Early Arrival: Bubs may make an unexpected early appearance and could possibly need to spend a few weeks at the hospital. Having a breast pump already ready at home to express removes any added on stress of having to go out and buy one at an already stressful time!


Are wearable breast pumps as strong as traditional breast pumps?

We can't speak for all handsfree breast pumps, but absolutely, Tyhan's wearable breast pumps are equally as strong as traditional 'hospital grade' breast pumps.

The S12 Pro+ wearable breast pump has a max suction level of 320mmHg.

Our Elevate handsfree breast pump reaches up to 340mmHg.

In Australia a 'hospital grade' breast pump is defined as a breast pump that has suction levels between 300-350 mmHg. So we are safe to say that the Tyhan wearable breast pumps are efficient enough to compete in this category!