Hi there, we are so glad you found us!

Welcome to Tyhan – your partner in the incredible journey of breast feeding!

Motherhood is a breathtaking adventure filled with unforgettable moments, but it also comes with its challenges. Thank you for choosing Tyhan to be part of this incredible journey with you.

Established in 2021, Tyhan's journey has been a whirlwind, guided by the incredible support of amazing mothers like you. We set out to open doors, offering a stress-free option for mums embarking on their breastfeeding journey.

My own experience working at a leading baby retailer for over 5 years highlighted a growing trend – more mums opting for formula due to the overwhelming demands of everyday life. Sadly, the struggle was relatable.

As a mum balancing a newborn and a 4-year-old, I found myself constantly torn between life's demands and the commitment to breastfeeding. The struggle to keep up was real, and my breastfeeding journey faced unexpected challenges.

That's when the vision for Tyhan was born – to introduce Australia to a completely hands-free, portable breast pump alternative. After extensive research, trials, and testing, the S12 breast pump was introduced.

Our S12 breast pump is a game-changer – lightweight, compact, portable, and completely hands-free. It was designed for mothers on-the-go, allowing them to seamlessly continue providing for their little ones while pursuing their everyday activities.

Imagine no more painful, aching breasts while rushing through the day. Our breast pump liberates mothers to multitask, attend soccer games, or handle daily chores while effortlessly providing for their babies. No wires or plugs, just the freedom to be you.

Discretion matters. Our thoughtful design ensures comfort and discreet wear with its soft silicone and seamless one-piece construction, fitting snugly under your clothing without notice.

Tyhan is 100% Australian and women-owned. We collaborate closely with companies and mums who share our values and understand the significance of a mother's breastfeeding/pumping journey.

Witnessing the impact our wearable pump has made in the lives of mothers everywhere has been truly humbling. I am excited to continue crafting exceptional products for you, incredible mums, and your precious little ones.

May this little companion bring you joy and ease on your journey!

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out – we're always here, just a click away.