Do I really need a breast pump?

Do I really need a breast pump?

 5 reasons why a breast pump should be on your baby list...

Being a new mum is a journey in life that no one can really prepare you for.
You read all the right books, go to all your hospital classes but when that little bubba enters your arms it's a whole new ball game! 

Motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions - exhilarating, exciting, fear, uncertainty, rewarding, overwhelming! Each mother has their own unique experience, you’ve heard all the stories but you just don’t know which book yours will take. 

The decisions to make before a baby is even born overwhelms us all. From bassinets, prams, car seats to bottles the growing range of choices available leaves us all trying to figure out which one is the best option for our family. 

Breastfeeding or formula feeding?
It's a big one on the list! 

According to research, breastfeeding/pumping exclusively for the first 6 months significantly lowers the health risks for both babies and mothers. It makes recovery after birth faster and also is a great way to bond with your baby in a way no one else can. Also, just think of the $$$ you’ll be saving using the amazing liquid gold your body creates just for your little one. 

Of course, things don’t always go to plan and sometimes we just can’t breastfeed. But, if you can here are some reasons why having a breast pump will benefit your feeding journey. 

1. Work - Life Balance

For many new mothers, the time to return to work creeps up on you way faster than it should. Some mums will return to work shortly after giving birth whilst others may take a year off. The decision to breastfeed doesn’t need to depend on your work commitments. 

Breast pumping, especially wearable and handsfree pumps like the Tyhan range gives mums the ability to pump and store milk whilst at work, even sitting right at your own desk! Zero interference with your work life. Being so discreet and simply just tucked into your shirt, no one will even know your pumping. Being USB-C rechargeable also allows you to charge these little companions up easily! 


2. Time for You

Breastfeeding, particularly in the early days when bubs is demanding for feeds every half an hour paired with this new loss of sleep wears any mother out from time to time. Having a bottle of expressed milk, or a stash in the freezer, gives mum the chance to take that longer nap or have a shower without having to worry about bub crying for their next feed.

Trust us, you're going to love having this option handy. The best thing with Tyhans wearable pumps is you can pump on one side while feeding baby on the other side with no interference whatsoever. Just like that, baby is fed and asleep, next feed is pumped and ready in a bottle all at the same time… and you’ve now got your time mumma! 

A happy mum makes a happy baby :)

3. An Emergency Supply

Even supermums can get sick. 

Having a pump to store an emergency supply of breast milk in the freezer will be your saving grace when you least expect it. Whether you're sick, need to take medication that may not be best for baby, or just had one too many drinks - you’ve got the emergency stash to get you through!



4. Increasing Milk Supply

A breast pump is a great way to stimulate the breast to produce more milk production if you are struggling in the early days to  build up your milk supply.

Being able to do short pump sessions in between feeds can help to increase milk supply. The best thing with a portable handsfree pump is that it makes it easier to get things done without being tied to a wall, allowing you to still move around easily to tend to every day life! 

5. Premmie Baby 

Sometimes life doesn’t always go the way we plan and your bubba may make their appearance into the world earlier than expected. Depending on how early, doctors may advise that feeding needs to be done via feeding tubes or expressed feeds by bottle until your baby builds the strength and ability to breastfeed naturally on their own. In situations like these, a breast pump is essential! 

A Tyhan wearable breast pump will be your favourite companion during your breastfeeding journey! With the ability to be mobile and readily available for your precious little one there is no question about it - bulky, traditional pumps are a thing of the past! 

Give yourself the flexibility and freedom you need as a new mum. 

Being mums ourselves we know how important it is to be able to rely on products that are purchased for your baby, especially during this amazing, hectic time of your life. As a small Australian business we are here to support you each step of the way and will always be just an email away.  





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